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choosing your location

Your ideal Salata location is found in a highly active trade area with high daytime traffic. It provides optimal accessibility for car and/or foot traffic—and preferably the capacity for a pick-up window. It’s also important that your salad kitchen is highly visible with ample room for parking and exclusive patio space.

As part of our ongoing support, franchise owners are provided with customized market planning and site selection assistance using proprietary forecasting and analytics services. You’ll also be given access to our national network of selected brokers for lease negotiation support and more.

Salata restaurant in Rosenberg, TX

location requirements

  1. +/- 750 ft – 1,800 ft, non-traditional central business districts and airport locations
  2. +/- 2,800 sq ft traditional locations
  3. 35 ft. minimum with end cap preferred
  4. 10-year with two 5-year option base term
  5. Co-tenancy with other best-in-class fast casual brands
  6. Neighboring big box retail, grocery and fitness centers
  7. Adequate parking spaces pending location type

restaurant design

All of our salad kitchens are designed to offer guests a seamless and fulfilling experience from the time they walk in, to the time they head out—with each dining zone satisfying specific wants and needs. This includes:

  1. The Wow Zone, where we—you guessed it—wow the guests with a clean and inviting salad kitchen entrance.
  2. The Welcome Zone, where your guests begin to hear the music, feel the energy, smell the freshness—and take it all in.
  3. The Salading Zone, where your guests are once again wowed by the breathtaking colors of our fresh and tasty salad toppings. This is by far the most exciting part of the journey as guests get to use their imagination to create custom salads that will fuel their days.
  4. The Tea Tap, where your guests can mix and match our crisp and refreshing organic teas and lemonades.
  5. The Power Aisle, a straight shot to the register for order-ahead guests and third-party delivery services.
  6. The Dining Zone and Lounge, where your guests can kick back and relax or plug in to work while enjoying their salad or wrap.

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